June 24, 2011


Extreme Racers is a completely free racing game with fantastic graphics and a large variety of cars and tracks to play with. You can choose from several different car skins and the locations are refreshingly different.

Extreme Racers is an essential game for all car racing game lovers. You can compete through intense and complex circuits, avoiding your rivals and usual dangers that could always surprise you in a race that`s dangerous.

Everything in Extreme Racers is flat out, full throttle and exciting. It is highly realistic (not just graphically but also for the sound) and the high level of detail makes you feel like you are really in a dangerous car race.

In Extreme Racers you must push your skills to the limit, especially behind the wheel, as the best can continue to take on experimental cars and rivals.

An essential game for all lovers of strong emotions.

Best free racing. Ultimate sport cars and impressive racing tracks. Kick the tires and light the fires!

File Size: 39 MB
Operating System: All Windows