May 5, 2011


City Racing is a game of illegal races with good graphics and special effects, go to a workshop for any repairs or upgrades you need and search for the next race, and good luck.


"Huge city, illegal racing, corrupted cops. Earn money, upgrade your car or buy new one and become the most popular racer".

This game has great graphics and special effects, it’s about illegal races on the city. There is police, always patrolling, so try to not disturb them, and if something happens, leave the scene of the incident fast to avoid get arrested and fined.

On this illegal races you could win a lot of money, but if you crash your car, you will spend a lot on repairs, so watch out and drive as good as you can… …"win places, earn points, and you are on the top!" That’s it!

You start on a workshop, where you get some important information about the illegal races, but your car is a mess, you need to find another workshop to repair your car, before going to the race. You can always go to a workshop after each race, to get your vehicle repair, paint it, or even upgrade it with cool stuff. After, that, watch on the map for the blue race flag to enter into the race. There are other signs on the map, read the instruction on the screen.

Another two things, there are people always walking on the street, some of them will ask you for a ride, and they are willing to pay you some money, but avoid to run over them or you will get into serious troubles. Also, in this city there are terrible drivers, you need to avoid them because they can cause serious damages to your vehicle.

File Size: 24 MB
Operating System: All Windows